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The Best Residential Inpatient Services in California

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Residential Inpatient Services CA

For some folks, treatment begins at home. Palm Tree Ranch offers residential inpatient services for individuals who suffer from drug or substance abuse issues. It is one of our most immersive treatment options where patients receive an entire day of therapy, counselling and community based activities where healing is encouraged. The inpatient – residential level of care may be the best option if you require a structured environment with 24-hour support and supervision. Residential treatment provides a comprehensive range of medically supervised, evidence-based treatment options to help you reclaim your life and get on the road to sobriety, abstinence, and ultimate recovery. We foster a cooperative, accepting and inclusive environment at our rehabilitation facility. With the help of our specialised treatment plan, you can overcome your addiction in no time, detoxify your body and make way for a brighter future.

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