The Best Drug Testing Services in California

Drug Testing Services CA

A drug test is a biological sample that is analysed to detect the presence of certain substances in the human body. These tests normally do not reveal whether or not the patient is impaired at the time they are performed, but rather whether or not the person has taken any of the substances being tested for within a certain time frame. Our specialists at Palm Tree Ranch have years of experience in conducting drug tests on patients of all ages and genders. We use advanced databases and state of the art technology to ensure quick and accurate results for all drug tests conducted. Our drug testing service is available 24/7 at both our locations. Please contact us to schedule your appointment for a drug testing procedure.

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I graduated from the University of California Berkeley, with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Cell Biology in 1999 following receipt of an Associate of Science degree with honors from Contra Costa College in 1995.

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